JCS Gymnastics FUN Club run classes at Gosforth Central Middle, Walbottle Campus and Sport@Kenton Academy. 
We also run after-school classes at Broadway East First School, Grange First School, St Oswalds RC Primary School and Sacred Heart RC Primary school, Brunton first school. All classes are run school TERM-TIME only. 

Jeff Cooper Sports Coaching runs fun term-time sessions in Gymnastics throughout the North East area. We provide in-school coaching, after school clubs and run evening classes.

  • What is Gymnastics? Gymnastics is a sport for both genders, and suitable for all abilities and are split into age specific classes. The fitness and life skills learned through Gymnastics provide the building blocks necessary for the development in all sports. 
  • Our aim is to ensure that every child is having fun, whilst learning the required skills; and aim to reach their full potential and individual talent, in an enjoyable and safe environment.
  • Our classes are designed to improve each child's motor skills, co-ordination, physical confidence and self esteem by providing fun and challenging exercises. 
  • The children learn a variety of generic skills and basic Gymnastic elements/sequences such as Tumbling, Floor Work, Jumps, Vaulting, Beam, Bar and Rope Work. 
  • The Gymnasts also have the chance to work towards and achieve the BAGA Awards Proficiency scheme Badges 8-1, Hand Apparatus Awards and Fitness Awards.
  • We run weekly recreational Gymnastic Classes in a safe non-competitive environment, based on fun. We work school term-time only. 
Our Classes and Venues








3.20pm - 4.20pm

3.20pm - 4.20pm


4  - 9 years

4 -9 years

4- 11 years

Sacred Heart first School

Broadway East first School

Gosforth Central Middle


8.00 - 8.45am 

3.20 - 4.20pm

5.00 – 5.55pm

4 - 9 years

4 -  9 years

4 – 12 years

Brunton first School

Grange first School

Walbottle Campus





4 - 9 years

4-11 Years

St Oswalds

Gosforth Central


4.15 – 5.15pm

5.25 – 6.25pm

4 – 9 years

6 – 12 years

Sport@Kenton School

Sport@Kenton School

                                                                                                                                                                                                          School term-time only.